A whole new experience within the heart of nature

RV Lake - Beliș Camper is the perfect choice for a getaway in nature.

The location was chosen carefully, on the shore of Beliș-Fântânele lake, at 75 km
from Cluj-Napoca.


Our 4 RVs and 2 rooms with private bathroom are offering a magical view of the lake.
RV facilities:

  • Kitchen
  • Private bathroom
  • Air conditioning
  • Towels/ bed sheets

Tourist attractions

We are inviting you to start an enchanting adventure where you will discover the amazing treasures of the Apuseni Mountains, exploring the surroundings of our location.

1. On the dry days of summer when the water level decreases, from the depths of the lake Beliș-Fântânele you can see the mysterious ruins of the submerged church from the old village Beliș.

2. Vălul Miresei Waterfall is one of the most spectacular from Romania with a length of 30 meters.

3. If you are a hiking enthusiast, we recommend you to go up to Lespezi Peak on the marked path, starting from the waterfall. Once you have arrived here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole valley, including Vlădeasa Mountains.

How to reach us:

Route 1 : Cluj-Napoca - Căpușu Mare - Beliș - Bălcești

Route 2 : Cluj-Napoca - Huedin - Giurcuța de Sus

Route 1 : Cluj-Napoca - Căpușu Mare - Beliș - Bălcești

When you arrive to Beliș, follow the road to Bălcești village, and after aprox. 1,6 km turn to the left to enter the forest track that will lead you to the shore of the lake. At the end of this road, you can leave your car during your stay.

From here, we assure the transfer by boat to our location.

* The transfer by boat is assured on arrival and on departure and is included in the price. Other transfers than those mentioned, will be paid separately.

Route 2 : Cluj-Napoca - Huedin - Giurcuța de Sus

This route is the best choice if you want to arrive by car (ATTENTION!!! - this is a longer route) to our location. In case you decide to discover the hidden treasures of Apuseni Mountains, crossing the lake will not be an impediment.

When you arrive to Huedin, follow the DN1R until Călata, and then continue on DJ108C until Doda Pilii. From here, the road continues on DC128A until Giurcuța de Sus. Before the wooden church, turn to the right to follow the road that leads to our location.